Warrior Season 2 review

Warrior is a series brought to us by the now dead Cinemax. Luckily it’s been picked up by HBO for a season 3 release in 2023. It’s a pulpy mishmash of Kung Fu and Game of Throne politics that has real history as a background. It’s nothing short of superb in its choreography and has a solid cult following already. And I am one of its acolytes!

Warrior was originally an idea that Bruce Lee played with. Now his daughter, Shannon Lee, coproducers it alongside Justin Lin (Fast & Furious), and Jonathan Tropper (Banshee). It follows the Tong Wars of San Francisco and starts out in 1878.

Our lead is Ah Sahm (Andrew Koji), who has quite a few characteristics of Bruce Lee, down to the thumbing of his nose in fights. He’s superb, as are the rest of the cast! Other to mention are Olivia Cheng, Joe Taslim, Dean Jagger and Jason Tobin.

I break down why you should be watching Warrior Season 2 right below.

Warrior Season 2 builds on the strengths of season 1.

Have you watched Warrior Season 2? If so, what did you think?

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