Undone season 2: Review

Season 1 spoilers ahead

Undone season 2 is a special experience. Not just because it’s stunningly put together, using rotoscope and CGI. It’s also not just because the performances of Rosa Salazar and Bob Odenkirk are superb. It’s because it has so much heart in it. Season 1 had me tearing up at the end, which was a bit of a cliff-hanger. I remember thinking that if they didn’t make any more, that would be fine. But hells bells, I am happy they did. season 2 is mind-bendingly brilliant.

Undone season 1 laid out the mechanics of this universe. Alma, played by Rosa Salazar, almost dies. When she wakes up she realises she has a unique relationship with time. That is, she can bounce backwards and forwards, and even sideways, easily. It’s like Dr Strange and the Multiverse but well written.

Season 1 is kindda like an origin story. Alma is learning how to use her powers, under the tutelage of her dead father, Jacob. Don’t worry, it makes sense when you watch it! However, Undone season 2 really ups the scope. It’s not just about Alma and her journey. This is about Alma, her sister, and her mother’s journey. They also get their own kind of Yoda for good measure!

Alma, and her persistent obsession to know what’s going on, uses her sister Becca’s (Angeligue Cabral) powers to jump back into peoples memories. So Alma is not alone in her abilities! The two of them over hear their mother talking about someone called Alejandro. This sends them off on an investigation to find out whether their mother is cheating on their dad.

Becca and alma in undone season 2

Undone and out of time

It’s tricky here to not spoil things. So I tread carefully. The scope of this season is much bigger. Adding in more people and a lot more family drama. Don’t worry though, there is still plenty of humour too!

There’s also enough timey whimey shenanigans to give you a headache. I loved it. The fantastic nature of this season had me comparing it to Inception and Looper. It’s also extremely beautiful. I know some think that using rotoscoping is contrived, but I honestly can’t think of this show in any other format. It works bloody well with the nature off the show. Reality, time, emotions, mental health and guilt, all are explored in minutia. Which is amazing as each episode is between 22-26 mins long!

Undone maze

I assume there will be another seasons. This show is so critically acclaimed Amazon would be mad not to! Also, there are certain things that happen towards the end of season 2 that hint at it. I love this series, really I do. And I highly recommend you go and watch it!

I’ll give Undone season 2 a…


Superbly acted and well written, Undone is available on Amazon Prime.

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