Umbrella Academy Season 4 review: Edge of the universe

The Umbrella Academy is probably one of my favourite superhero shows. I think it’s the dysfunctional family dynamics and humour that ticks all the boxes for me. Oh, and the quality of the show. And the acting. And the soundtrack. Oh hell the soundtrack. Here’s the Spotify link for your listening pleasure! It’s also the show’s ability to be fun one moment, and tragically sad the next.

The last time we saw the Umbrella’s was when they attempted to end another apocalypse. This time in Texas in the 60’s. They jumped back to our present, only to encounter another family, in their home. This time, the Sparrows. Said family also had an addition, Ben. Of course, Ben is the fallen brother of the original family, so his return for them was a mixed bag of emotions.

Victor and Alison Umbrella Academy Season 4

You see, in season 2 when our broken family encounters their ‘father’, he’s so appalled by them all, he decides in the future not to adopt them. Instead, he adopts other gifted individuals. Thus we have the Sparrows. A family unit that appears to be a far better, more well-oiled machine, than Luther’s team. At least that’s what it looks like on the surface. There are cracks that start to surface as a Romeo and Juliet type situation develops.


I’d say season 3 of the Umbrella Academy is excellent. But I’d put it as the weaker of the 3 seasons. It starts strong, bold even, with a dance off to Footlose, which blew my mind. I was laughing my head off as the families went toe to.. foot in an encounter that reminded me why I love this show. The action is also brilliant in this season, with a budget that seems to grow each season.

The Sparrows in Umbrella Academy Season 4

It dares to do crazy things, and boy it does them well. I had slight issues with the middle of the season. It seemed to meander a bit, and Alison’s story, and her consequent actions, irked me. But put in context with the ending, you finally understand why she is acting the way she is.


A great many themes are covered in the season. From what it is to be a family, to what you will do for it. Alison, for example, is now a more dark version of herself. Returning to this time period, she soon discovers that she is not the mother of her daughter; that reality has changed. Now there is another woman in that role, but with the same man she had as a husband. Of course this will send anyone off the trails, and it does that to Alison. I only felt irked because she knows that the family is trying to fix this, but still does some heinous shit.

Umbrella Academy Season 4 alison, diego and klaus


I did love the latter part of the season. When they are all camped out in a hotel as the universe crumbles in on itself. Why is it doing that? Well because the Umbrella family broke reality, of course. They cause a Grandfather Paradox which creates a Kugelblitz, which is a growing anomaly that basically sucks in reality. I loved this hellscape, and what the characters got up to in it. I mean, a wedding on the edge of reality? Why not!?

Five in Umbrella Academy Season 4

Notable standouts this season are Luther, who has always come across as an idiot. Okay, he STILL is, but hell he’s so damn fun and… cute? this season. As is Diego. Both of whom have love interests that pack a ‘punch’.

One of the big things this season was Vanya turning into Victor. Of course Elliot Page started the show as Ellen Page. And the award-winning actor’s conversion left many wondering how they show would cope. Well they writers wrote it into the script. And I thought it was touching they way it was dealt with.

Five is, as ever, still my favourite, though they did drop the ball on a major revelation of his. You learn something huge about the formation of the time-travelling entity ‘The Foundation’. And then… We forget about it and move on. In fact, a character gets tattooed up by an ape and you are left wondering ‘why?’

Umbrella Academy Season 4 ape

Klaus also gets his own road trip on the season, and bonds with daddy, while learning more about his powers. Indeed, we get a lot more from Sir Reginald Hargreeves, or at least this universe’s version. And he seems to be a lot more amicable than the one they knew… Or is he?

This is still one of my favourite shows. But it just wasn’t as tightly written as the other seasons. I think probably because they are dealing with literal world ending events and tying those together, while working on characters is not easy. At least they got the ending right, and hell it’s an emotional journey!

I give The Umbrella Academy, season 3 a…


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