The Lost City review: A lost opportunity

The Lost City works because of the chemistry it has between it’s two leads, and they’re both charming. Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum team up in a soft-hearted romcom that will have older gits like me remembering Romancing the Stone. And as in Romancing the Stone, we have a romance novelist who goes on a wild adventure filled with baddies and explosions.

The Lost City also relies on its acting heavies, like Daniel Radcliff and Brad Pitt. Both seem to lavish their roles to the extreme! Daniel Radcliff plays the rich baddie whose sole motivation is to better his younger brother. His younger brother is left everything by their dad and he is smarting because of this. Aaaand that’s about as deep as his motivations go. Still, you don’t always need a huge depth for a baddie, especially in a movie that doesn’t take itself seriously. Radcliff is damn good in this though.

radcliff as fairfax in thelost city

Brad Pitt though is… Superb! He’s not in it long, but his role had me remembering Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder. Not the same character, they’re about as far removed as you can be, but they role is just fun, and he looked to be having it in heaps.

brad pitt in lost city

But the true star of the movie is Sandra Bullock. She really does look like she is part immortal, part Paul Rudd. She looks superb for a 57 year old! Let that sink in please, thank you. 57. Flip! Although she is not given any meaty dialogue bits, as that would stand out in this very light-hearted film, she does grab your attention. Clad in a purple sequins dress, she’s loads of fun to watch.

Director siblings Aaron and Adam Nee do a decent enough job with the movie. Using the usual two-plot device to bring an ending is a safe bet for this sort of genre. I also enjoyed some of the action beats, especially where Pitt was involved.

Leeches on my butt

the lost city bullock and tatum

The biggest gripe I have with the movie, is that it was close to being frigging fantastic, but because it was definitely targeting a younger market, it didn’t. I know, I know, having swearing in a movie isn’t the b-all and end all, but it would have worked well here.

You’re thrust into a jungle where leeches are biting yo ass and you’re NOT going to drop an f-bomb. Rubbish, you are. There were so many moments that a decent cuss would have made the humour land better. It’s funny, but most of it is giggle funny. There are a few scenes that are truly hysterical, but it feels dumbed down.

The lost city promo poster

In fact, when I was waiting for the movie to start I had a look around. Lots and lots of young girl teens. And I worried that I might be viewing a lower-rated version of the film (is that even a thing?) I seem to remember the trailer looking a bit more grown up to be honest. But that really is a small niggle in an otherwise fun and easily forgotten experience.

I give The Lost City a…


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