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PS5 slim look

PS5 slim has finally landed and I am not sure about it. It’s like a mix of different finishes. Both matt and glossy. It looks like they got the worst parts of the last one, and put it into a Frankenstein monster thing. Here’s the comparison between the new slim and the old version:

The old bastard on the right weighs in at 3.9kgs, that’s with the disk, and the PS5 Slim, 3.2kgs. That’s quite a bit of weight, when you look at the percentage drop. That’s… Um… 3900-3200 divided by 3900 times 100? Almost 18% weight difference. Not bad. Though to be honest, once you’ve put the thing on your shelf and sighed at how it looks like the sex trophy of Wal-E you’ll never pick it up again.

The cool thing is there is a detachable disk drive. I say detachable, because it is, of course. But it’s not peripheral, like a detachable hard drive. No. You still need to pop the cover to get at this baby’s spiny bits. It also has a slot for an NVMe ((nonvolatile memory express) card, which is the memory used in the older PS5) and the replacement of the older SSD (though they do the same thing). This PS5 Slim also has a 1Tb hard drive compared to 825Gb on the older, fatter brother.

Gone are also the weird vents that the older PS5 had. I mean, it certainly gave it a look. But the PS5 Slim doesn’t have all those holes to get more dust in. My PS4 Pro, although kept in a perfect spot, needs a regular clean out just to stop it from setting fire to my house. The first time I popped my, cough, lid, I was shocked at how much dust was in the thing.

It’s still an odd shape though. Other than ‘it can be flat’ it’s not going to pop into a bookshelf or a regular gap you may have in your Livingroom. But it does boast some nice new heatsinks to compensate for the reduction in air vents.

To also note, in the box is support for the horizontal stand, which is going to be problematic in the space I usually keep my console.

Note the plastic ‘clip’ in the middle

That is a rather unattractive-looking stand which you can see much better on this excellent video by Dave2D.

I was planning on getting a PS5 on launch, but I think I might just wait a few weeks because I think the older versions drop in price big time. SONY has also said that they won’t be producing any older units once the slim launches.

What do you think? Day one purchase? Or wait?

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