Pacific Rim boy vs jager

Pacific Rim: The Black season 2 review

Pacific Rim: The Black season 1 blew me away. It was exciting, warm and suspenseful. It also had a load of heart and great characters. More importantly it had giant mechs punching Kaiju in their faces! So I was very excited when a mate incorrectly told me the season was on already only to find out he was mistaken, it was out the following week. Every hour was a dagger in my mind waiting. Every second was pain beyond compare. And finally, it arrived. I flopped the husk I had become down in front of Netflix, and was ready.

Pacific Rim boy vs jager

Hayley, is it me you’re looking for?

WAAAAA! NOOOOO! Listen to MEEEEE! Was what I was met with. Hayley Travis, the younger sister of failed-Jaeger pilot Taylor, had gone full 9000+ ANNOYING. Her character made me want to kick my TV. She is the most needy, self-centered jerk that I’ve seen in a show. Now I get that she’s supposed to be a kid, but in season 1 she is awesome. She has this kick ass ‘I can do it’ attitude with heart. Sadly, in season 2, she manages to be completely oblivious to everything going on around her that people die. My god, she’s annoying!

Okay, calm down. Breath. On the plus side in this season there are some awesome battles. Once again, not in every episode, but enough to make the show exciting. The story is a little hit and miss though, with some really dumb bits (a Kaiju whisperer, u wot m8?) They also bring back some awesome characters who really should have been given way more story time.


In this season the main focus is getting Boy, a character they really need to name, to a safe place where they can help save from a tick infection… You see, after his transformation into a Kaiju at the end of season 1, which was frigging awesome, he’s being hunted by the Sisterhood. They’re a cult who have somehow acquired telepathic powers which allow them to control Kaiju. While that sounds cool, it takes us into a weird and more magic-feeling universe.

That is not what we had with season 1. To be honest they irked me; the chanting and the amount of it got on my frigging nerves. It also allowed for way too much ‘it’s like this because magic’ story bits which jarred with the faux science of the Pacific Rim universe.

Mei and Taylor are still bickering with each other. The whole ‘will they won’t they’ is downplayed this season. Their more logical approach to Boy ‘he’s about to eat our fucking faces off, maybe put him outside?’ makes sense. He is a ticking timebomb and their actions are pretty justified. But they are certainly pitted against brat, I mean Hayley, in this season. And this makes them look like the baddies.

It’s laborious at times. You have situations where they are in mortal danger from everything, including Boy, and Hayley is willing to sacrifice it all for… Erm… A moment longer with Boy? She just doesn’t seem to make much sense! Towards the end, one of the characters says something along the lines of ‘you were right all along, I should have listened to you’ which is supposed to make right all the dumb crap she tried.

Pacific Rim mei

As usual, the look is awesome. I love the cartoon/CGI stuff and the battles, as mentioned, are brilliant. It certainly picks up towards the end of the 7-episode season, which makes a lot of the stupid character moments worth it.

I give Pacific Rim: The Black season 2 an annoying


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