moon crash

Moon Crash trailer is a car crash

Moon Crash is pretending to be Moonfall, a big-budget sci-fi that looks utterly ridiculous. It also looks fun. In fact, I am going to see it this evening, so keep an eye out for my review!

Moon CRASH is a B-grade movie that is hoping you can’t read good, and you’ll make the mistake of booking to see that. Well, you probably won’t be able to book as this is straight to steaming streaming.

It’s directed by Noah Luke and stars Jeremy London, Tyler Christopher, Pauline Egan and Jamison Jones… Insert ‘who gif’.

I have to give it to smaller production companies that exploit other, bigger movies to sell a ticket or two. I mean, why not? It actually doesn’t look ‘terrible’ in the conventional sense of the word. And I’ll never begrudge people of work. I just think it’s amusing that they still do this. I mean, who falls for it? Grannies? Clueless parents?

Hey, Jimmy, we’ve got you a lovely movie to watch this Friday! Yes, it’s Moon Crash. Why are you crying Jimmy?

Jimmy’s parents

The Plot

A global steelworks company partners with an aerospace firm to mine the Moon. But when a drilling accident causes a giant piece of the Moon to crack off and hurtle towards Earth, the surviving space team and the head of the firm must figure out how to destroy the meteoroid before it wipes out the entire planet.

Let’s have a look at the offending movie trailer.


Well, that… makes no sense. An EMP to destroy a rock? I have no problem with crappy graphics and even shoddy acting. but stupid writing really irritates me. It assumes the viewers are morons with no intelligence… I mean, I’d watch this movie with a joint (sadly I can’t because this country is as moronic as this movie).

What do you think? Yay or nay?

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