Stephen Wilhite

GIF creator dies

A short while ago the creator of the GIF (no, not JIF), Stephen E. Wilhite passed away from complications from COVID (get your sodding vaccines people). He gave us something that we take for granted in our ever day lives, the Noble and Awesome GIF.

I use them, a lot. Thankfully, my phone has quite a bit of memory because a lot of my friends use them too. Hammer, a man only surpassed in size by the frequency of his terrible puns, uses them more than even I do. Recently we’ve started to use this gif quite a bit:


So it got me thinking. What is your favourite GIF? What is your ‘go to’ when you are angry, or sad? Is there one that particularly annoys you, like maybe the ‘Sure Jan’ GIF?

When I was looking for the ‘Emotional Damage’ GIF i noted how many websites are out there that offer them exclusively. GIPHY and TENOR are my favourites though.

I think we need to pour out a drink to the creator. He has given us tools in the arsenal that we need for life. For that, I thank you Stephen E. Wilhite! Interestingly, he says it’s pronounced JIF, not GIF.

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